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Driving across the country is something the very adventurous would enjoy doing. The average person, however, surely dreads driving hundreds of miles through strange locations. Yet, people who are moving far away do need to get their car to their new home. Selling the car and buying a new one may not be an option for them. So, they turn to shipping services to transport a vehicle. Anyone interested in hiring the services of a car shipping and transport company probably is wondering about cost. Shipping is obviously not going to be cut-rate, but the costs do not need to be outrageous.

Relocating to a new home is not the only reason for wishing to transport a car long distances. No matter what the reason for a move, the car owners is going to want to get the vehicle to where it has to go at a reasonable price.

And who does the owner contact to discuss shipping with?

Booking the Car Shipping Service

There are two ways to book a car transport. Calling a shipping company directly is one way. Another way would be to work with a car shipping dispatch service. The dispatch service acts as an agency and connects car owners with transport companies most capable of meeting their needs.

The possibility exists that calling a transport company directly may yield a better deal than working with a transport agent, but calling several companies might be necessary to get a desired figure. One company equals one price quote. Calling a booking service could yield more flexibility. Asking the shipping service to provide the lowest rate definitely improves the chances of getting a lower figure.

Procuring Estimates

All car shipping companies and booking services are going to provide an estimate based on the information provided. Estimates do not come with an obligation to pay any money. They are simply provided for review. Reviewing a number of estimates helps with the cause of getting a definitive idea about cost.

And what items would be present in the estimate that increase or decrease the price?

Car Design and Route

The two biggest factors that determine the cost of shipping a vehicle are the size of the model and the route taken. A small economy car takes up far less cargo space that a pickup truck. The weight of a smaller car is also significantly less. Larger and bulkier cars cut down on the storage space on a trailer and cause the truck to consume more fuel due to hauling a heavier load. Larger vehicles are priced accordingly.

The route traveled may also boost the price. Traveling in a highly-congested area or being forced to use only one available highway in a rural region are going to drive up the cost.

Another issue with the route is the location dropoff. If the transport truck must veer off to a remote area to deliver a car and there are no other easy drop-offs on the route, the price will reflect added costs.

Distance Counts

The distance in which the car is intended to be shipped is going to factor heavily into the price charged for the shipping. The further the vehicle must be shipped, the more it is going to cost. Other factors do come into play regarding cost, but distance is going to be the most pronounced.

Open or Closed Containers

Open transport containers are less costly than enclosed ones. Owners who want their vehicles to be better protected and opt for a closed container are going to pay more. The reason for closed containers is to add another layer of protection. Customers shipping expensive cars might find this to be a good investment.

It goes without saying the car does need to arrive at its location safely and in perfect condition. Yes, it is possible to pay extra for insurance to cover any damages to the vehicle while in transit. The added shipping insurance may be deemed another worthwhile investment made to the cost of the shipping.

Plan in Advance

Searching for a car shipping price at the last minute does not help the cause of getting a good deal. Start searching for a shipping company long in advance in order to get the best deal with the best shipping service.