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Shipping vehicles cross country has grown tremendously since the inception of the internet. People are able to buy cars from anywhere around the United States and have the vehicle shipped to their driveway. In fact, you’ll find a lot of dealerships online are marketing and catering towards those who want to purchase vehicles online. Even smaller used car dealerships are selling cars on the internet and are shipping these vehicles to buyers in all states. Car shipping companies have found that these internet-based sales are accounting for the majority of their profits. The question remains: how easy is it to transport a car cross country?

Shipping the Vehicle

Car shipping involves the transport of a car from a seller to the place where the buyer needs it to go. This could include state to state shipping or even country to country transport. Car shipping used to be largely found in the commercial industries for dealerships looking to replenish their supply, but this has changed substantially over the past 10 to 15 years. The explosion of online sales has allowed a niche market to grow into something that serves the general consumer.

Preparing the Vehicle for Shipment

No matter what company you’re using to transport your vehicle, you are still fully responsible for preparing the car for shipment. This doesn’t usually take much time and it will ensure that the vehicle arrives to the buyer in pristine condition. It also prevents the vehicle from having issues on the road and costing you more money. Ask the transportation company about ways to prepare the vehicle for shipment before you send it off.

Insurance Information

Your car insurance provider may actually cover the car while it’s in transit. You should contact your insurance company to verify this information and see if your coverage applies to cross country transport. It is also important to note that many transportation companies have additional insurance on the vehicles they’re shipping to protect it further. However, this coverage does not insure personal items that you might have left in the car. These items are covered under a different type of insurance known as homeowners coverage. It is advised that you avoid the hassle altogether and not store any of your personal items in a car that’s being shipped such a far distance.

Door to Door and Terminal to Terminal

Automotive transport companies will offer a variety of services to meet your unique needs. These services differ depending on how fast you need to ship the car, how much you’re willing to pay and where the car needs to go to be picked up by its buyer. You will hear the terms door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal a lot when dealing with car moving companies. While door-to-door offers a more convenient pickup option, terminal-to-terminal offers the most in savings.

Open Trailers

You have probably seen open trailer transport trucks on the highway while driving and these are essentially the vehicles that are responsible for car transport. These vehicles leave your car totally visible and susceptible to weather and other road conditions. Most trucks can carry about 12 cars at a time. Many people are unhappy with how filthy their car looks upon arrival when using these services. You might want to ask the transport company if there is a way to plastic wrap or tarp your car to prevent it from becoming dirty.

Enclosed Transport Trucks

This option is ideal for people who want their car to get from point A to point B without becoming dusty, dirty or dinged-up from rocks and stones. This option is often more expensive than an open trailer, but it is crucial to those who need their vehicles to arrive at the destination looking their best.

Transporting Your Motorcycle or ATV

These types of vehicles are loaded onto a special pallet that is then strapped securely using tie-down ropes to protect the fragile parts of the machine. This also stabilizes the motorcycle or ATV in an upright position to prevent it from tipping over while it’s being shipping. These vehicles are put into an enclosed trailer as opposed to an open carrier.

Arrival of the Vehicle

It is important to remember that vehicle transport companies are unable to provide specific times for when the car can be picked-up and delivered. There are many unforeseen problems that can come up while the truck’s on the road, such as traffic or a breakdown. Proper preparation and patience will ensure that your vehicle arrives safely and quickly without any issues along the way.